Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Database

Some time ago Oracle launched new flagship called Autonomous Database. It’s available in two flavors, one for OLTP systems called Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP), the second one for DWH systems called Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). Now you have an access to this flagship via Always Free program for 2nd gen. of Oracle Cloud (aka OCI).

But that’s just the way how to store the data.

What about visualizing the data and get insight?

Oracle offers Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and Data Visualization (DV) is part of that. You can install DV locally or use cloud service (OAC).

If you want to check what you can do with this powerful twin, give it a try.

I prepared for you Hands On Lab for Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

You can find all supporting files here:

HoL Materials

It’s a living project, if you have any comment, please let me know here.

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